February 2009

Gymnastics26 Feb 2009 06:33 pm

I got an email from the author of a new gymnastics book called Flip Outside the Box, featuring “creative women’s gymnastics elements.”   Thought it might be worth passing along to you all.  Here’s the website with info on the book and ordering information.  If any of you get it, I’d be interested in hearing what you think.

Competitions and Gymnastics and Gymnasts26 Feb 2009 12:54 pm

So I had to watch the American Cup in 3 different sittings this year. And I haven’t had a chance to re-watch it yet, which is rare for me. But here are some of my thoughts from the NBC broadcast on Saturday…

  • wieberJordan Wieber won.  No surprise there.  Didn’t it seem like the whole thing was scripted?   It all seemed a little too predictable, I guess.
  • It was definitely a two person race on the women’s side.  Kim Bui of Germany, who came in third behind Wieber & Sloan, was almost 4 points behind the leaders.   Ridiculous. (more…)
Competitions and Gymnastics and Gymnastics Ramblings20 Feb 2009 01:49 pm

So the American Cup is tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about it. As other people point out often enough, it’s a bit of a joke. It gets a lot of hype for such a small, Amerocentric competition.  But I still tend to look forward to it.  It’s a tradition and comes at a dry time in the gymnastics year.


The first Cup of the quadrennium always proves to hold some excitement because it’s just that.  The first Cup of the quadrennium.  It’s a chance to see the up and comers.  A chance to see what might be in store for the next four years.  A time for new faces and new gymnastics.  A time to see what we’ll love and hate in the next Olympic cycle.  Well, from an American perspective anyway.  (more…)