So the American Cup is tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about it. As other people point out often enough, it’s a bit of a joke. It gets a lot of hype for such a small, Amerocentric competition.  But I still tend to look forward to it.  It’s a tradition and comes at a dry time in the gymnastics year.


The first Cup of the quadrennium always proves to hold some excitement because it’s just that.  The first Cup of the quadrennium.  It’s a chance to see the up and comers.  A chance to see what might be in store for the next four years.  A time for new faces and new gymnastics.  A time to see what we’ll love and hate in the next Olympic cycle.  Well, from an American perspective anyway. 

On the international side, it’s not often terribly exciting.    Do they just not invite the right folks?  Is it just the wrong time of year?  The commentators make it sound like an international gymnast would give anything for an invitation to such a premiere competition.  Really? Seems unlikely, given that there are usually very few prominent athletes from other countries.   I agree with Blythe over at the The Gymblog.  It would sure be interesting to see the gymnasts she mentioned in this post about the cup.   I’d be interested to know how they come up with the lineup, who’s invited, who accepted, etc.  Anyone know?

So we’ll see how things go tomorrow.  I’m not holding my breath.  But I’ll certainly be watching.

On to some other things…

1. About a month or so before giving birth I was asked to review a leotard for Foxy’s Fitness Fashions.   That proved to be difficult because my belly was too large to fit.  So finally, four months postpartum, I put the leotard on and can give it a fair review.    I was sent this leo.   The fit (all things considered!) was excellent.  It was snug but not too tight.  The fabric had the right amount of give to it and was not itchy.    I personally did not care for the design/colors of the leotard but I realize that I’m not 13 anymore and that my tastes have changed dramatically since that time.    Also, the hole on the backside of the leotard seemed a little large.  It goes pretty far over on the sides.

A Test Caption

Here's a close up of the fabric, taken by my husband. I wasn't brave enough to let you all see the full-body shot of me doing my old floor routine in our living room...maybe next time

So I give the leotard a hearty thumbs up and will gladly send it to the first person to answer the question below correctly.   It’s a size 12.

Question: There was a story televised about Martha Karolyi during the 1992 Olympic Games.  During the broadcast, she was referred to as an “ever-watchful” what?

Sidenote: I noticed that the website has matching scrunchies for their leotards and I’m sure they sell a lot of them…but why?  Why do gymnasts (including Olympic gymnasts!) continue to wear scrunchies when the rest of us tossed them out around 1995?   Seriously.

2. While I was on maternity leave from this blog, I did some thinking about my blog.  When I started blogging in April of 2005 I was one of the only gymnastics blogs out there.  But now there are dozens.  And some that are really well done.  So what I’m wondering is this: What do I have to offer?  What is it that you, the reader, are interested in reading about on a blog like this?   In other words, should I keep this up? Or is it time for me to step aside since there are so many others out there?   What do you think?  I’m not looking for accolades here or anything like that. I’m just curious.  What do you think?

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