Ok, enough already!   No more threatening emails!   My apologies for the ridiculously LONG absense.  Perhaps some of you chalked up my absense to the inevitable post-Olympic let down but I have a better excuse.   On September 28th, I gave birth to my first child – see proof below.    Kind of took priority over my gymnastics blog, you know?  But I’m starting to get more sleep these days (and by more, I mean about 4 hours at a stretch) and the baby is napping more so I’m finally feeling up to posting again.

nightbeforeThe night before going into labor…no, that’s not a martini.  Just a fun glass

gryffinWith our best friends about an hour after giving birth.

dsc_2830Gryffin…only in the 15th percentile for height at this point – perhaps he has a future as a gymnast!

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