So it seems like we all pretty much knew that the two American women would take the gold & silver if they both hit.   And I knew that no matter which one ended up on top, I would feel pretty sad for the one that took the silver.  Not that silver is bad but either one of them could have wound up on top of the medal stand and both were equally well-prepared and deserving of that top spot.    And I did feel bad for Shawn.  I was thrilled to see Nastia pull through with 4 incredible routines to take the title, but it was hard to watch Shawn come up just a bit short.  Can’t be an easy spot to be in.

Beyond that, here are a few of my general thoughts on the competition…

  • It was great to see such a hotly contested competition.  It seems like the past few years of major All Around competitions have been fairly weak.   I particularly liked the fact that none of the top competitors fell.   If you fell, you actually lost a chance at a medal.  Imagine that.
  • I personally prefer the style of Ksenia Semenova over that of Yang Yilin but both pulled out top performances in the All Around and the higher A score put Yilin on top.
  • Speaking of Semenova, her full-turn on Beam (and double turn on Floor in the same position) is gorgeous, don’t you think?
  • Nastia’s vault was perfection.  I’ve not seen it’s equal.
  • I didn’t care for the way Al Trautwig quoted Valeri Liukin’s comment about winning gold medals.  It made it sound as if gold is the only thing accepted in their family.  Is it just me or does it seem like the media is out to portray Valeri as this overbearing, pushy coach & father?  We rarely hear anything positive about him.   From all I know of him, he seems like an incredibly kind and considerate man, who has coached his daughter well.    Thoughts?
  • I really like Yang Yilin’s combo of backhandspring, back tuck on Beam  Well done.

Now it’s your turn to sound off.  Fill me in on your thoughts.

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