No introduction really needed here.  I watched the televised coverage on NBC and have seen a few extra routines on youtube.  In no particular order, here are my thoughts on the competition…

  • Alicia Sacramone really needs to ditch the random chin-stand split in her beam routine.  I’ve blogged about it before and I still think it needs to go.  She’s not full split and it looks ridiculous in an otherwise world class Beam routine.  I think a teammate of mine back in the day did the same skill.  She was a level 8.
  • Speaking of Sacramone, why have we been watching the same floor routine from her this entire quad?  Isn’t it time for something new?
  • I have been reading about the athletes being over-scored and couldn’t agree more with this article on International Gymnast.    Besides the obviously outrageous scores that have already been mentioned on several sites, I keep thinking of Nastia Liukin vs. Ivana Hong on vault.   Nastia performed a yurchenko 1.5 and scored a 14.9 on day 1 (and 2).  Ivana threw a double twisting yurchenko (which I assume was clean and gorgeous as per usual) and only garnered a 14.5?  What is that all about?
  • I was impressed with Samantha Peszek.  She keeps surprising me.  I thought that the Beam set she rocked at the American Cup earlier this year was a fluke.  Actually I thought the entire competition was just an incredible day for her.  I didn’t expect her to be able to maintain that level and that consistency at Championships.   Besides the error on her Day 2 Floor routine, she had a great competition and deserves her 4th place finish.  I’m excited to see how she does at Trials.

  • I only got to see that one routine by Bridget Sloan on Beam.  She seems to be holding her own on Bars and Beam.  Like many of you out there, I hope she can regain her form on Floor and Vault and challenge for a spot on the team.
  • Why is Darlene Hill referred to as Darling Hill now?  Did she change her name?   I must have missed something…
  • Like everyone else out there, I was incredibly disappointed to hear of Ashley Priess’ sudden retirment.  Regular readers of this blog know that I have long been a fan of hers.  Whatever the reasons behind her sudden departure, I hope that she feels at peace with her decision and I wish her well.
  • Nastia looked great as usual.   Her Beam set was beautiful.  So was Bars, sans the dismount.  Maybe she should go back to her double layout dismount there?  It was flung out but it sure seems like a far cry better than the double front half and would likely incur fewer form deductions.  Any word on whether she’ll be adding the double twisting yurchenko on Vault?  With the double, she will most certainly contend for the All Around title in China.   Not that she wouldn’t without it but…
  • No complaints about Shawn.  She looked impressive on all 4 events.  My only issue with her performance is this: I have harped on it before but she needs to lift her head up on Beam during her choreography.  Does this bother anyone else?
  • To wrap things up, my favorite competitor by far was Chellsie Memmel.  She has been such a question mark of late but she sure rocked the competition in Boston.   Wow!  I was so pleased to see her come back so strong.  I agree with Rick over at Gymnastics Coaching.  She’s on the team, barring major injury.  Well done!

Looking forward to Trials.  What were your thoughts on the competition last weekend?  What stood out to you?  Especially those of you who were there in Boston… give us some details that we might have missed.

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