I first heard of Cirque du Soleil about 9 years ago when I was in college. I have longed to see it since then but it was always just out of reach. I was either in the wrong city or did not have enough money. So many of my non-gymnastics friends have seen multiple Cirque shows and it always seemed so unfair. They could not possibly appreciate it the way I could, right? But Cirque has now come to Seattle and my husband and I decided that money was, for once, no object. We were going to go no matter what!

Photo courtesy of futuregringo.com

So last Friday night we drove out to Marymoor Park in Redmond for Corteo and I can honestly say that the show lived up to my 9+ years of expectations. It was breathtaking. Three acts stand out in my mind as the most memorable…


  1. Paradise: The act featured a long thin trampoline stretching across the length of the stage with the performers flipping their way gracefully across, as well as male acrobats up on platforms overhead tossing female acrobats from platform to platform. This description hardly does the act justice. To put it simply, it was stunning. The costumes were gorgeous and the form of the performers was beautiful.
  2. Teeterboard: Although I cannot say that this act had nearly the same aesthetic value as Paradise, it was nonetheless amazing. Basically two male performers on a seesaw, but instead of sitting, they were standing and tossing each other to unbelievable heights. Once they gained their momentum and balance, they began throwing skills as if they were on a trampoline. One tossed an effortless double back before landing back on the board but the most impressive skill on the teeterboard was undoubtedly a double arabian half out. Unreal!
  3. Acrobatic Duet: Not nearly so impressive as throwing people from platforms or double arabians on a seesaw but this act was absolutely exquisite. Basically a gym acro pair (male & female) but I’ve honestly never seen a pair so lovely. The female was lithe and strong but so incredibly graceful. It was thrilling.

So those are a few of my thoughts. A friend of mine who has seen 4 shows and was also in attendance last Friday said about Corteo, “oh, it was ok, but not as good as XYZ” Ok? Was she watching? So I realize that many of you who have seen multiple Cirque shows are jaded and might find my response over the top. But what are your thoughts? Have you seen any of the shows? Which was your favorite and why?

For me, I fervently hope this will not be my last show and if I do get the chance someday to see another that I will be just as awed as I was with my first.

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