I hadn’t heard of Tasha Smith until earlier this year.  She’s a gymnast in her junior year at Oregon State University and she has got some spunk.

Tasha Smith on Floor


She choreographs her own Floor routines and they are really something else.  She’s got her own style and it’s different from the other NCAA floor routines out there.  It’s refreshing and fun to watch.   I mean, seriously, the girl plays the air guitar after her first pass…

I’ve been hoping to find a youtube video of her that would capture this year’s routine well.  It’s really best when viewed in person and although this video isn’t taken from the best angle for her routine, it’s still a good one to give you an idea.    And even better, she happened to score a perfect 10.00 on this one.  You can’t beat that.

 What do the rest of you think?  Like it?

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