I’ve been without much access to a computer these last few weeks so when I finally got back online today I, of course, immediately hit up youtube for a much-needed gymnastics fix. Sure, I’ve still been watching my VHS tapes regularly but there is something so unique about youtube. Where else could you find some videos of, say, an obscure Mongolian gymnast circa 1978?

Seriously, though, it has been thrilling for me to be able to see more than just the televised coverage in the US (at best, The American Cup, Nationals & maybe Worlds) & more recently, WCSN‘s coverage. I can finally see more of the events on the European circuit and all over the world, not to mention the scores of videos from years past. A sincere thanks to all of you who faithfully post your videos onto youtube. It is much appreciated.

Ok, moving on… I now present the fruit of my youtube perusal for the night. 3 Crazy Beam Mounts.

  1. Isabela Lacatus of Romania in1990. Never even heard of her before tonight. This one actually looks like it had the potential to be quite painful. Basically a staddle front flip off the board to her seat. Slightly off and she could have seriously injured her tailbone.

  2. Daiane Dos Santos of Brazil. The quality of the video is quite poor and she falls. But it’s a layout front! Has anyone else ever attempted this?

  3. Kelly Garrison-Steves of the US in 1988. Round-off, full twisting back. Awesome.

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