I am spending a few days in Canada for a mini vacation but couldn’t resist bringing the laptop so I could write an end of the year post. I decided to write about the top ten things I think should have happened in 2007 but didn’t. As usual I am focused on the women’s side of the sport. It would be great to hear what you think should be on the men’s list.

Just to clarify…by “should have” I do not mean deserved.  I just mean things that I wish had happened but for one reason or another did not.  In no particular order…

  1. Hollie Dykes should have made more of a world impact. I was expecting to see her in the hunt for several medals in Stuttgart but she was nowhere to be found. Photo courtesy of gymbox.net
  2. Oksana Chusovitina should have won a medal on the Vault in the Event Finals at the World Championships in Stuttgart. She has medaled in so many world events on the Vaul and it would have been wonderful for her to win one in her new home country.

  3. Speaking of people that I hoped would win a medal at Worlds… how about Elena Zamolodchikova? She looked so happy and healthy in Stuttgart. She is not usually one of my favorite athletes but she has been hanging in there for so many years and she really looked refreshed and happy in Germany. I wanted to see her on the podium somewhere.

  4. Florida Women’s Team should have won the NCAA title. I have absolutely nothing against Georgia. I think they are a phenomenal team. But they won the last 2 years and Florida was the favorite heading into the Super 6. It would have been amazing to see the Gators pull through with the title. Maybe next year.
  5. Ivana Hong should have made the Floor Finals at Worlds. We need to see more floor routines like this. Impeccable presentation.
  6. A non-US gymnast should have won the Tyson American Cup. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see an American Cup that is not dominated by US gymnasts.
  7. Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs should have been healthy and in the Event Finals on Beam in Stuttgart. I’m a big fan of her Beam work and I think that her bronze last year was just the beginning for her. Her aerial to 2 layouts combo is incredible.
  8. Courtney McCool should have announced her intention to make a run for the 2008 Olympics. She is one of my all-time favorite gymnasts. I would very much enjoy seeing her excel on the world stage once more.  Yes, definitely wishful thinking but I can’t help myself. 
  9. Vanessa Ferrari should have caught her Comaneci in the All Around at the World Championships. If she had stayed on the Bars, she would have given Shawn Johnson a real run for her money. That would have been fun to watch.
  10. I should have been elected as the FIG presidentobviously.

So that’s my list. What would be on your list of things you think should have happened in the world of women’s artistic gymnastics in 2007?

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