Update: All the tapes listed are now gone. 

I decided that it is time to clean out some of my gymnastics VHS collection. I thought that before I recycled these tapes, I would list them here in case anyone is interested in them. If you would like one (or multiple), let me know. The tapes are free. You can paypal me a flat rate for shipping and I’ll mail them to you.

All the tapes were recorded from television over the years and there are no guarantees on the quality, etc. Let me know if you have any questions regarding a particular tape. Most are women unless otherwise noted. American Cups have both men and women.

  • American Cup 2000
  • US Gymnasts Battle for Gold & American Classic 2000
  • American Cup 2002
  • 2000 US Olympic Trials – Men
  • USA vs The World
  • Reeses Cup 1999
  • International Team Championships 1999
  • International Team Championships (will have to check for the year)
  • 1999 US Nationals
  • 1996 US Olympic Trials – Men
  • International Team Championships 2000
  • Americn Cup 1995 & Mixed Pairs 1995
  • American Cup 2001
  • American Cup 1998 & Battle of the Sexes
  • International Team Championships (will have to check for the year on this one as well)
  • NCAA Championships 2002
  • NCAA Championships (will check on the year)
  • American Cup 1999
  • American Classic 1998 (Tape 1 of 2, can’t find Tape 2 at the moment)*

*Official USA Gymnastics Tape. No commentary.

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