My apologies for the lack of posts recently. I have been completely consumed revamping my website for work. Now that it’s pretty much up and running, I’m back in action here on p10.

So my all-time favorite Bar Worker… It’s a toss up. I’m having a much harder time choosing one with Bars. Beam was no contest. But I keep thinking of so many incredible Bar workers. So I decided to make this a Top Ten list. In no particular order…

Jamie Dantzscher performing a Gienger

  1. Tatiana Lisenko, UKR – Great rhythm
  2. Nadia Comaneci, ROM – Beautiful form
  3. Jamie Danztscher, USA – Incredible swing
  4. Ma Yanhong, CHN – Lines & fluid swing
  5. Kristy Powell, USA – Big air
  6. Ling Jie, CHN – Unbelievable pirouetting
  7. Olga Korbut, BLR – Wow factor
  8. Nastia Liukin, USA – Swing, lines, amplitude
  9. Svetlana Khorkina, RUS – Innovation & swing
  10. Elise Ray, USA – Graceful

As usual, I have seen more American Bar Workers than those from other countries. Who have  I missed? Who would you add to this list? Does anyone stand out to you as the number one Bar Worker of all time?

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