Yang Bo, without question. Nobody has ever worked on the Beam with as much ease and amplitude as she. She was absolutely exquisite. She never took home the gold from the World Championships or Olympic Games and it was heartbreaking to watch her fumble repeatedly (’89 & ’91 Worlds, ’92 Olympics) when the ultimate prize was at stake. I wonder if we’ll ever see another Beam Worker like her.

Courtesy of gymnpics.com

I considered posting the youtube video of her from the 1989 World Championships but the routine ends in such anguish that I couldn’t do it. It’s the best routine I have ever seen, bar none, until the dismount. I can’t bear to post it. I chose this video instead (the quality is poor) because I feel that it showcases her at her best. It’s from the 1989 China Cup. She was truly in a class of her own. And she rocked the dismount.


Who is your favorite Beam Worker of all time? I’m curious to hear who else you think deserves a spot next to Yang Bo…

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