I found this photo on Geza Pozsar’s official website. For those of you who don’t know, Geza Pozsar was the choreographer for Nadia, Mary Lou Retton, Kim Zmeskal and dozens of other American gymnasts (including the entire 1996 Olympic Team) throughout the past 3 decades. He defected from Romania with Bela & Martha Karolyi in 1981 and owns Pozsar’s Gymnastics in Sacramento, CA.

Photo from www.gezapozsar.com

One of the reasons I like this photo so much is that it reminds me of a very special day in my life when I was a 13-year-old Level 8 gymnast…

I lived in a small town south of Sacramento. It was the Summer of 1992 and I was enrolled in Pozsar’s week-long Gymnastics camp. My parents had agreed to let me sign up for a Floor routine choreographed by Geza himself. It was an additional cost but I had convinced my mom and dad that it would be worth it. But on the second day of camp Geza was called away (Michelle Campi, who was vying for a spot on the 1992 Olympic Team was from Pozsar’s gym). I was so disappointed but we were assured that Geza would still choreograph routines for those of us who had signed up.

About 2 weeks after the Olympics (probably about 5 weeks or so since the end of camp) I got a phone call. It was Geza himself! He asked if he could come to my home gym and choreograph my Floor routine. I hung up the phone in a state of awe. Geza Pozsar had just called me himself. I could not believe it. I had the movie Nadia on repeat for basically my entire childhood so I had watched him in the movie countless times. Everyone in my family (whether they wanted to or not) knew who he was because of the movie. Perhaps other kids wanted to meet Tom Cruise or Madonna but this was about as good as it could get for me.

To make a long story short, Geza did come to my home gym and as luck would have it, he came in the morning so there were no classes going on and we had the gym to ourselves. My mom came and shot pictures throughout the morning and it was such a thrill for me. He even told us all about his experiences at the recent Olympics and which routines were his favorites. I’ll never forget that day. Maybe I’ll dig up one of those pictures and post it here sometime.

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