Ok, so you’ve read the first post about the good stuff from the recent World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany. Now on to…


  • The US Women’s leotards. Who picks these things? They look like some weird cross between the leotards of the early 80s (note the neckline) and an Adidas running shoe. I wasn’t a fan of the all white leos of the early 90s but even those would be better than what the poor US women have been sporting of late.US Women’s Team at the 2007 World ChampionshipsAdidas Running Shoe

  • Cheng Fei’s current Floor music. She is an absolutely exquisite performer on Floor but this just doesn’t really showcase her abilities as a dancer. She was flawless on Floor in the Team Finals but it just wasn’t as enchanting as her performances in the past (2004 Olympics). I hope she has something new next year.
  • Vanessa Ferrari’s Comaneci salto on the Bars. Did she make it even once in Stuttgart?
  • Speaking of Vanessa Ferrari… although she really hung in there (and nabbed a bronze in the All Around) with her injured foot and she deserves to be commended for that, she just seemed a little tired in Stuttgart. She probably was. I hope she returns to full health for Beijing next Summer. She is an amazing athlete.
  • I know that many of you will disagree with me on this one but I would say that Ksenia Semenova’s Bar win in Event Finals would belong on this list. I know that her difficulty was out of this world and that she had the highest difficulty in the field but I don’t think her routine was overall superior to Nastia Liukin’s. I know Nastia is American and you may disregard my opinion because you think I’m a sore loser but you can’t deny that Nastia swings a mean set of Bars and that she is world class. You can’t beat her lines and amplitude. They both had a step on the dismount… I would have given it to Nastia.
  • This goes without saying. Ekaterina Kramarenko’s Vault in the Team Finals. I’ve known from my very first competition as a 6-year-old Level IV USGF gymnast that you can run past the board and vault but that you cannot touch the horse. She must have just had a complete mental lapse. We’ve all been there. It was heartbreaking to watch.
  • This may seem strange to you but I’m going to add Li Shanshan’s fall on her full turn in the Beam Event Finals to this list. I know I listed this on the good list as well but I really think it belongs on BOTH lists. Although I stand by all I said about it on the good list, it’s still only a full turn. And at the World Championships, nobody should be falling on a full turn.
  • The Australian Women’s Team performance overall. They have been steadily moving up the ranks but in Stuttgart they were only 11th. I was eagerly expecting both Hollie Dykes and Dasha Joura to be in contention for All Around gold but they did not perform to the best of their abilities by a long shot. I hope they are back in the game in ’08.

Those are some of my thoughts. What did you think belongs on this list?
Coming soon: 2007 World Championships Review, Part 3 – The Outrageous

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