So as promised, here is a follow up to my earlier post on the 2007 USAG Women’s Collegiate Championships. There is not too much to say, really. I enjoyed the competition but not overly so. It was definitely not the same caliber as a Division I competition but still a worthwhile Friday night outing. Here are some of my thoughts and impressions…

  • While there were some excellent gymnasts on the floor, there were a few routines that downright frightened me. Particularly on Bars. A number of the women were really cranking their skills around in a way that bordered on dangerous, in my opinion. It brought to mind one of my favorite quotes (I’ve used it in a previous post) from the 1975-79 FIG Code of Points, which states,

    “The difficulty of an exercise must never be escalated at the expense of correct form and technically correct execution. The exercises must therefore, in regards to content be adapted to the ability of the gymnast, for in gymnastics, the gymnast is to maintain complete control of his body. Assurance, elegance and amplitude are three chief characteristics.”

  • The Texas Women’s University had a huge team. There were so many of them. And they were extremely loud. I know that profuse yelling is the norm at collegiate meets but this seemed a bit over the top.
  • The floor routines lacked the pizazz that I’ve come to expect from collegiate gymnasts. Few of the women out there really knocked my socks off in the choreography department.
  • I was pleased to see the home team, Seattle Pacific University, hold on for 2nd place. It’s always fun to root for the home team.
  • I saw a few truly unique moves at this competition. I was impressed by some of the creativity out there, particularly on Beam & Floor.

I’m curious to hear what others think. Have any of you been to a Division II competition lately?

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