One of the hard things (among many) of moving away from Santa Barbara was that I would no longer be near UCLA for some amazing collegiate gymnastics competitions. It was great being able to drive down to Westwood for some incredible performances by one of the top teams (2006 season notwithstanding) in the nation. 2007 UCLA Team Celebrating their victory at the Pac-10s

I now find myself in Seattle and although the University of Washington is a great team, it’s not quite the same as seeing the Bruins. Not that I am that partial to the blue & gold but the level of UCLA is typically pretty tough to beat. And I missed all of the home meets this season for one reason or another. So I find myself one week away from NCAA Championships and I haven’t taken in a single college meet this season. I was feeling pretty dejected when lo and behold, I discovered (via USA Gymnastics ) that the 2007 USAG Women’s Collegiate Championships were going to be held here in Seattle this weekend. So I’ll be an eager attender tomorrow night at the Team Finals. I don’t know quite what to expect, skill-wise, but I’m excited. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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