October 2006

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So I was taking all these notes on the competition as I watched because I wanted to give a play-by-play blog entry on the competition. From what I could find, there weren’t any other websites offering such coverage of the competition. However I soon discovered that International Gymnast was offering routine-by-routine coverage for it’s subscribers through their Ziert Alert section. I tried to get access to the Alerts which was available to all subscribers (which I am) but I couldn’t remember my login information and therefore could not get access. They have now released the Alerts for all non-subscribers to enjoy as well. So since he actually gets paid (lucky guy!) for writing about it, I thought I would leave the extensive coverage aspect to Paul Ziert and focus on blogging my thoughts and opinions instead. Looking forward to hearing yours as well…

Ferrari with her country's first-ever World Championships Gold Medal in Women's Gymnastics
  • Vanessa Ferrari: This gal is amazing! She is a true “all-around” athlete (great on all 4 events) and a real firecracker to boot. Just what you would expect from an Italian named Ferrari. (more…)
Competitions and Gymnastics26 Oct 2006 10:00 pm

I will admit that I haven’t yet watched a whole lot of the Men’s Competition from Aarhus. This is due to two key factors. One was the disappointing finish for the U.S. Men in the preliminaries, which sapped my excitement a bit. The other was the fact that my parents pulled a surprise visit late last week that kept me from giving the competition my full and undivided attention.

I also confess that I am not quite as keen to blog about Men’s gymnastics as I am Women’s. This is not because I don’t appreciate or enjoy Men’s Gymnastics but mainly because I do not understand it in the same way – for obvious reasons. Never done it, didn’t really have a boys team at my club gym, etc. And it’s not televised as often so it’s been a bit elusive in my life.

So rather than try to blog about the U.S. Men’s showing in Denmark, I thought I would point you to John Roethlisberger’s thoughts on the Inside Gymnastics website. He really says it like it is!  And he obviously knows a thing or two about U.S Men’s Gymnastics, as a three-time Olympian for the United States.  He is probably my all-time favorite U.S. Male Gymnast for his passion and complete dedication to the sport and his team.  Anyhow, I like how he called it.

UPDATE: So it looks as though the powers that be at Inside Gymnastics have pulled Roethlisberger’s commentary off their site.  So I deleted the link to it.  You can still peruse the Inside Gymnastics site and if you come across his commentary elsewhere, let me know so I can redirect other readers to it.

Competitions and Gymnastics and Gymnasts18 Oct 2006 01:42 pm

I’m stunned. I really didn’t think anyone would be able to top the American Women. Their performance in the prelims was so dominant. Before I start in on some of the details of the competition, I must say that I think that this competition shows the down side of the 3 up, 3 count format. When 3 gymnasts compete and all 3 scores count, you don’t necessarily have the best team come out on top. The Americans were clearly the team with the most depth but yet they ended up with the silver medal. Why? Because of the 3 up, 3 count format. In the past, a team was allowed to drop one score per event. That way, if you had a fall on your team, it didn’t completely ruin your chances. Now, it’s really anyone’s game. If one team has a fall, that could potentially drop them completely out of contention. Needless to say, I don’t like this newer format. Not only do fewer gymnasts get to participate in team finals but the best team may not win. Yes, I might be slightly bitter right now. Yes, the Chinese were great today and deserve to finally be on top. But still. I don’t like it.

Zhang Nan on Beam at the 2006 Worlds in Aarhus, Denmark


Competitions and Gymnastics17 Oct 2006 12:02 pm

It’s been way too long since I last posted. I moved to Seattle in September and after a 16 day camping excursion in British Columbia and a wedding in our old hometown of Santa Barbara we are just now settling in to our new digs. We now have internet in our house (finally!) and I’m all set to start blogging again just in time for the World Championships in Denmark. The timing couldn’t be better.

I was asked by a Canadian Gymnastics website to provide basic commentary each day of the competition. They do not have access to WCSN‘s internet coverage there so I’m happy to oblige. I will do a very basic update for the Men’s competition and full commentary on the Women’s side. I will be posting my commentary here on the perfect10 blog as well. I look forward to your comments and thoughts of the competition.