I will admit that I haven’t yet watched a whole lot of the Men’s Competition from Aarhus. This is due to two key factors. One was the disappointing finish for the U.S. Men in the preliminaries, which sapped my excitement a bit. The other was the fact that my parents pulled a surprise visit late last week that kept me from giving the competition my full and undivided attention.

I also confess that I am not quite as keen to blog about Men’s gymnastics as I am Women’s. This is not because I don’t appreciate or enjoy Men’s Gymnastics but mainly because I do not understand it in the same way – for obvious reasons. Never done it, didn’t really have a boys team at my club gym, etc. And it’s not televised as often so it’s been a bit elusive in my life.

So rather than try to blog about the U.S. Men’s showing in Denmark, I thought I would point you to John Roethlisberger’s thoughts on the Inside Gymnastics website. He really says it like it is!  And he obviously knows a thing or two about U.S Men’s Gymnastics, as a three-time Olympian for the United States.  He is probably my all-time favorite U.S. Male Gymnast for his passion and complete dedication to the sport and his team.  Anyhow, I like how he called it.

UPDATE: So it looks as though the powers that be at Inside Gymnastics have pulled Roethlisberger’s commentary off their site.  So I deleted the link to it.  You can still peruse the Inside Gymnastics site and if you come across his commentary elsewhere, let me know so I can redirect other readers to it.

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