Missy Peregrym & Jeff Bridges in a scene from Stick It!

Spoiler Alert! This post contains information and plot details about the movie, Stick It!
Let me start by saying that my expectations going in to the film were low. Very low. But being the true gymnastics fan that I am I dragged my husband to opening night last Friday and worried that I would never live it down. The reviews weren’t stellar and let’s face it – “tween” movies can be so bad. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the theatre was packed. True, it was packed primarily with girls aged 8-15 but still not a bad sign. As the previews winded down, I found myself giddy with excitement. This was it! The movie that the gymnastics world has flipped for (pun intended) over the last couple years. The movie that made it onto the cover of International Gymnast was finally here. And, surprisingly, I liked it. I really did. And even more amazing, my husband liked it. If that’s not a recommendation to see the film, I don’t know what is.