The following are my picks for the US Team Delegation to the 2005 World Championships in Melbourne, Australia. As in other posts, I admit that my opinions are limited by NBC coverage. There very well could be other athletes who are overlooked because I have only seen a select few. And due to the fact that I haven’t seen the men compete in quite some time (limited, if any, NBC airtime & I haven’t been to a live competition since the US Olympic Trials), I will only comment on the women’s side of the scale. That being said, here are the athletes I would like to see on the floor at Worlds…

Vault: Alicia Sacramone & Jana Bieger (alternate: Chellsie Memmel)
Bars: Nastia Liukin & Chellsie Memmel (alternate: Jana Bieger)
Beam: Nastia Liukin & Jana Bieger (alternate: Chellsie Memmel)
Floor: Alicia Sacramone & Nastia Liukin (alternate: Chellsie Memmel)

All-Around: Nastia Liukin & Chellsie Memmel (alternate: Jana Bieger)

Some of you may be questioning two of my picks: Jana Bieger on Beam and Nastia Liukin on Floor. Here is why I think they should have a shot on these events. Jana has one of the most unique and interesting Beam sets in the country. If she can prove her consistency here (Day 2 at Nationals notwithstanding), it would be great to see her in the U.S. lineup on Beam. And she would then have a shot to have her combination of back salto to one leg, front tuck from one leg to one leg named after her.

As for Nastia on Floor… although her tumbling is not as strong as her other U.S. counterparts, she does have one of the most beautiful sets in the world. I have rarely seen someone perform a floor exercise routine with as much precision and beauty. She is truly mesmerizing. I think the international judges would be duly impressed. And her tumbling, though lacking the proverbial double salto, is considerable in it’s own right.

Each country can only send 4 female athletes (6 male) to this year’s World Championships, which will feature competition in the All-Around and Event Finals. Those are my picks. What are some of yours?

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